About the Economic Futures Hub

The Economic Futures Hub (EF Hub) is a new part of the Economic Futures initiative, committed to providing engaging and accessible resources for all curious about applied economics. Hosted by the Fraser of Allander Institute, we stand on the shoulders of a leading authority in applied economics research.

What does the EF Hub offer?

• Comprehensive, free-to-use online resources designed for Unit 2 of the SQA N5/H Economics course.

• A variety of topics, including tax, spending, budget, and devolution. Soon, we will be expanding to include inflation, jobs, and growth.

• A wide array of resources such as summary slides, interactive graphs, practice flashcards, and learning blocks.

• EF Masterclasses on the horizon, aiming to provide applied economics teaching to economics students as well as learners from other subjects such as Business Management, Modern Studies, and Maths.

For Everyone:

Whether you're studying economics at school or simply interested in the world of applied economics, the EF Hub is for you. We're here to inspire and help you dive deeper into the fascinating world of economics.

For Educators:

Looking to enhance your teaching resources? The EF Hub is here to help. We provide dynamic and enriching materials that will invigorate your economics lessons and inspire your students.

Applied Economics for Everyone

Our ambition is to improve access to the study of economics in Scotland. Whether you're an economics student or just looking to kickstart your journey into applied economics! Within the ethos of 'Applied Economics for Everyone,' we aim to foster a culture of curiosity and inclusivity. The Economic Futures Hub is your free-to-use gateway into the exciting world of applied economics.